Monday, November 13, 2017

Driving the Post Apocalyptic Highway Pt II: Axles & Alloys

After modifying, or junking up, almost a dozen Hotwheels, I was ready to put them on the blasted landscape of the near future for a post apocalyptic race.
We used Axles and Alloys, mostly because they are perfect for our large group, but mostly because I love the credo of the rules: "Axles and  Alloys II is a game of Converted Hot Wheels And Matchbox Cars Driving Around And Around And Around and Trying To Shoot The Shit Out of One Another. It doesn't deserve a game treatment any more involved than this one. Do you want something on a par with Advanced Squad Leader when all you are doing is Converting Hot Wheels And Matchbox Cars And Then Driving Around And Around And Around and Trying To Shoot The Shit Out of One Another?"
Couldn't have said it better.
The race was to last two laps around the desert, but we lost our first racer only a quarter of the way through lap 1. He quickly got a spoiler car to pilot.

Green Machine lurched into first place but blew a turn and rolled into a ball of fire. Spolier #2 hits the track.
By the end of lap 2, only two original racers were left. The Hornet blew it inches from the finish line followed by the Midnight Rider. It was decided the Hornet, driven by Buzzkill Bill Bender made it
furthest and received the trophy posthumously...

Friday, November 3, 2017


Last night I got to sit back and actually play for once, thanks to fellow Basement General Steve, putting on a fantastic looking Pulp game using "To Be Continued, GASLIGHT" rules.
Presentation can make a or break a game. Between the components and his collection eclectic of miniatures, it was a lot of fun. Throw in a storyline, and you have the recipe for a great Pulp game.
The setup was in a previous post, but basically the bad guys had to grab the remains of Von Zombi, while the good guys are trying to free Dutch.
The frozen battlefield.
 Dutch, frozen in a block of ice.
 Von Zombi's pure evil spawned this dark place...
A horde of unused minis waiting for action

 Nice to have strong minions.

Von Zombi's resting place
I took a lot of pictures of the wonderful work Steve did on the character cards. 
Victory went to the third factions, Task Force X and their minions the Cult of Cyclops, and the Kung Fu action heroes. The Cultists grabbed a vile of blood from Zombi's frozen body, but at heavy losses. Meanwhile, Snake Burton and the rest of the Kung Fu furies were able to free a brainwashed member from the cultists.
I ran Dutch's forces trying to free him from the ice. I never even got close. Too many bikers and zombies in the way. It was that kind of game.The stage is set for the next encounter.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Driving the Post Apocalyptic Highway

I'm starting a project to finish all the unfinished lead on my painting desk. On top were some Hot Wheels cars I had set aside for some Post Apoc racing. Behold the results.
I started by gluing them to some bases I layered out and gluing bits of scrap for armor and rams. Then I sprayed them matte black.
Then was dry brushing everything a rust color.
 Then even more dry brushing with the color the the car was before rust and road damage took its toll.
It was a lot a fun for not too much money or effort. About a dozen more to come.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

This Thursday!: The Return of Dutch Oven!

Super Soldiers!  Robots!  Hulking Monsters!  Kung Fu!  Zombies!  Evil Cults!  Supernatural Powers! 


Somewhere hovering above the Artic, a battle aboard a zeppelin reaches its explosive climax!
Our hero and Super-Soldier, DUTCH OVEN (Agent of ACTION), fights one last round with his arch nemesis, the vile megalomaniac, VON ZOMBI!

Aboard his zeppelin, Von Zombi  created a weapon intended to melt the polar ice caps causing world mayhem and destruction.
Dutch was able to decommission the weapon. But rather than be taken alive, Von Zombi detonated hidden explosives throughout the zeppelin.

ACTION Agents searched the Artic for weeks. Hoping to find a trace or sign of their beloved hero or the evil Von Zombi. Nothing was ever found.

ACTION Agents receive an incoming message from Artic Outpost 31. They have found something buried deep within in the Arctic ice.
Send ACTION agent Recon ASAP.

Could it be? After all this time?

Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Annual Revenant Hunt and Social

The best of European Society showed up for the Annual All Hallow's Eve Revenant Hunt and Social.

All parties gathered at the center of a small hamlet suspected to have a Revenant Infection.
They quickly spread out in 3 groups of 2 parties to destroy the infected, but most importantly the areas that spawn the undead.

Before they could properly disperse, a large creepy tree began hurling infected pumpkins like some sort of undead artillery. Sir Ramsey's party took a direct hit infected the whole group with the Revenant sickness. How long could they last?

Gunfire drew the undead like moths to flame. The living tried to keep things quiet and fight the dead up close and personal, but once it was discovered, a few of the Revenants tended to explode, more were being shot at distance.
Also among the dead were "Dark Lords", creatures spawned by the chaos and death. These were creatures of sometime terrible power. A Pit Fiend belched fire, killing some of the guests.
As the night drew to a close, 5 of the 6 spawn points were destroyed, but at great cost to the hunting parties. It was considered a success, especially after last year's debacle...

Monday, October 23, 2017

Just in time for Halloween

"Word has spread from all across the territory about a strange sickness that quickly kills it’s victims, only to have them rise again from the grave with a thirst for blood.
Marshal Bill thinks he’s found the cause. A mysterious coffin-sized box arrived in town this morning, guarded by a group of oddly clad foreigners. With sun going down, there’s no time to spare..."

As usual, available from Wargames Vault and Wiley Games.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Friday, October 13, 2017

Return to the Hills of Despair: A Dragon Rampant AAR

After a couple of weeks off, I just needed a fun, simple game we could jump back into. We returned to our fantasy semi-campaign using Dragon Rampant.
The Forces of Chaos and Darkness needed to open the portal to the Outer Dark located in the Hills of Despair.
The only forces left to stop them were the Men of the West, the Arch Mage Kronos and Warriors Four, a band of great adventurers pledged to save the day.

Besides having both sides pick 3 quests for their sides, I distributed 6 tokens to each side to use as rerolls they could use during the game. These were luck, blessings, favors from their gods.
Both sides quickly moved across the battlefield, but it was the Forces of Chaos that reach the Portal first.
Kronos summoned a great Stone Titan to sweep the chaos host from the hill.
The Titan took two hits, rolled snake eyes on his Courage test and melted away as quickly as he appeared....

The Warriors Four led by the vaunted knight Francois de Porc-Blanc, clashed with the Orcs. Trolls, Ogres and orcs fled before them. Only the hobgoblin prickers remained.
On the other end of the field, the Northmen, fooled into a pack with the dark gods, did battle with the Men of the West. It see-sawed back and forth, but soon, the barbarians pushed the noble warriors back.

As the night grew late, it was clear the Forces of Chaos were winning. Only the Warriors Four (now Three) were any any shape to stem the tide.
In the end, the bad guys held the ground, but the Good guys had fulfilled the most quests. A draw, but dark forces were about to be unleashed.
Amid the battle, a lone figure was spotted. A naked man with a PBR, sporting a Wiley Games logo on his cape. The Buck-Naked Baron!?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

September Mostly Monthly 99¢ scenario now available

This time, it's for Horse & Musket. It's a fun little scenario I ran at Maneuver-Con last month.

 "A small group of German mercenaries have been left to guard a wagon load of black powder on its way to a British depot. The Hessians have stopped for the night, waiting to link up with reinforcements in the morning. Little do theyknow Continental forces are moving in on the tired Hessians."
Available at Wargames Vault and Wiley Games.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Gaming somewhere between Wargames and Boardgames

More and more games seem to be blurring the lines between tabletop war-games and traditional boardgames. A couple of case in points were the games we played Game Night and over the weekend.
I picked up Massive Darkness as a Kickstarter. One of those it took so long to fulfill I almost forgot about it. But it was well worth it! To start, the miniatures. like most CMON games, are fantastic. I got soooooooo many. The game itself is fantastic. Three turns in and most of my gaming club were on their phones preordering for the non-Kickstarter.

As a dungeon crawler, they pack a lot into a simple system. I imagine a a lot of replay, completing all the quests with different characters. You can play solo, too.
I played again this weekend with the Boy. We lost twice but had a lot of fun.

We then tried a little GW gladiator game that snuck in under the radar: GORECHOSEN. I'm not much for the goofy background, but the core mechanics are smooth, and nice. I picked them up purely to steal the mechanics for my project, the Great Goblin Games. I'll be replacing the skull encrusted, blood spattered Khorne champions for some goblin gladiators.