Friday, January 19, 2018

Pulp Alley- "Destination: Terror Island"...

...or "Juan Effing Jorge!"
Last night we played the second in the "Amazing Adventures of Dutch Oven and the Fearless Five" Pulp campaign. I've been busy redoing my jungle terrain and Basement General Steve brought the temples, miniatures and the crazy-ass back story. Plus, the flicker tea-lights and "smoke" made it all very atmospheric...

Continuing the story, Dutch Oven, his arch nemesis Victor Von Zombie, Rip Daring and his crew, and Roxy Rocket and her League were all returning from the Arctic to their various lairs when they are shot down over a mysterious island by a Death Ray.
The plot points: The radio atop a watch tower, the Death Ray, and vial of green blood, the trap door to Doctor Terror's lair which could only be opened after tracking down the monkey who was the only one with the security code.
We had six players. Me and the other Jay controlled Doctor Terror and his denizens of Terror Island. A collection of Dr. Moreau-esque mutants and stranded pirates turned henchmen, included Juan Jorge (more on him later).

The truce between the players didn't last long. With the clock ticking, there was a mad dash to plot points. Doc Terror's forces focused on delaying them and funneling them towards the Kraken at the center of the jungle.
In true Pulp Alley fashion, Followers and Minions dropped quickly. All accept Juan Jorge, a nondescript pirate lackey who JUST WOULDN'T DIE! He alone held up the advance of Roxy Rocket's League and harrying Rip Daring's. "Ju in Juan Jorge's case now!"
Von Zombie ended up getting the radio, Rip the vial and Roxy tracked down the monkey only after he scratched the eyes out of an ally, Flint Michigan.

While trying to get to the evil Doctor himself, our Hero, Dutch Oven had to face the monstrous Kraken. He made good account of himself, but it was the end of the game, so we can only imagine the titanic battle that ensued.

Some truly epic moments. We are getting the hang of large Pulp Alley games and you just couldn't beat the story. Unfortunately for my wife, the game room is directly beneath our bedroom. I'm sure the constant uproar of laughter kept her up.
I am once again thankful for the gaming group and understanding wife I have. All good sports that understand we are, after all, just playing with soldiers.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

More Post Apocalyptic cars

Had a long weekend to paint up some more vehicles for the Wastelands Cup race. That makes 16 total. Now everyone gets a backup, which they generally need.

 Sanctioned Op - needs some stripes or something
 Borrowed form Dark Future
 This baby was begging for a Nebelwerfer
 the Phantom...
Only one way to paint this baby...that's Daisy up top.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Fast Play Grande Armee: Basement Generals on Tour

We braved the bitter cold to inaugurate the new game of room of fellow Basement General Scott. He provided the game table and the game!

Once more the 6mm might of the French forces were brought to bear on the poor ol' Austrians.
I believe it's a poor general that blames his dice for defeat, but I blame my dice for the defeat. The Austrians just got hammered. First turn my boys marched solidly forward while their brethren on the right flank stood firm. Second turn i rolled a "Withdrawal" while the right advanced.
This set the tone for the game.
It was still fun. And a nice break not to have to host.

Friday, January 5, 2018

New Year, new Campaign for the Kingdom!

The King is dead. No doubt poisoned by his craven brother, Edwin. The kingdom is an uproar. Half of the nobles swear loyalty to Edwin, while the other half claim the deceased king's nephew Archibald is the rightful heir.
They meet at dawn on field of battle.

The rules of choice, as always, is a modified version of Flower of Chivalry. And as always, it was fun nail biter oil the end.
The battle started with a wild charge by Edwin's army. The mounted knights broke ranks and flew ahead of the rest of the army. They were cut down by arrows and mercenary handguns. 3 units down, 9 to go.
The center of Edwin's line crumbled early on, while Archibald's right cracked.
My corner of the battlefield, commanding the Pretender's left flank, was a mess. My men failed to follow a single order until the very end. Meanwhile, my opponent rumbled forth in a single block, looking very trained and professional until the very end.

My rival, Roderick, Baron of Westgate, was one move away. He risked a charge order, hoping Edwin would draw at least a "2" from the Action deck. This would give him one action to move to contact, and one to fight. It wasn't really that risky. Edwin is a Brilliant commander and had mostly 3s and 2s in the deck.
The Reshuffle card came up. This acts as a 2 action card before the deck is reshuffled. I was doomed. My men stoically awaited their fate, almost as if they were made of metal...
But, Roderick was out of Edwin's command range, this meant that he had to make a command roll, or risk getting one less action than the rest of the army. Roderick, being brilliant, needed an 8 or less on a d10.
This meant his troops only got 1 action. Since he had ordered a charge, his men crashed into mine but had no actions left to fight. Right into my spears and pikes.
Our turn. Archibald draws a much needed 3 Action card. That means since I'm already in contact, I roll 3 dice for each unit. Four, count 'em, four of Rod's units destroyed. Victory for Archibald.
Victory points were awarded to our side. An extra was given to Ulric, the noble holding the enemies center. Turns out he had a deal with Archie before the battle to not fight that hard...
Edwin was captured, and met the fate of all traitors.
But, the war was fall from over. Rumor has it, one of Archibald's nobles had married one of the former king's daughters in secret, and now awaits to claim the throne!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Armor Grid: The battle for Grimm Pass

Now that the Christmas hangover has passed, I can post our game form last Thursday. I'm always on the lookout for rules for my big, stompy mechs. The idea of 5 story walking robots is dumb. Billions of credits to build, and a guy with a disposable missile launcher can take one out with a shot to the knee. But I love it.
I grew up playing Battletech, but let's face it, it's not great for a multi player games that has to be over in a couple of hours. I've tried Battletech's newest "easy" version "Alpha Strike". It's nice but pretty vanilla. And I miss marking of circles...
I stumbled upon Armor Grid while perusing Wargames Vault. Lots of good reviews and cheap.
A read through and I loved it.

I dug out all my repainted Mechwarrior tanks, CAV mechs, and Drak Horizon infantry.
Movement and combat is pretty straightforward. Fighting requires a target number based on your target's Profile and speed. You'll notice some markers in the pictures. The "!" denote a unit that has Rushed. They have a harder time hitting. The green radar markers denote unuts that have remained stationary.
Here's where I diverged from the rules. One of the complaints of Armor Grid, is that in the rules the shooter gets a bonus for remaining stationary. So games just end up with people standing around. I flipped it and made units standing around are easier to hit. House rule #1.
moving and shooting build up heat ala Battletech, that has to vented at the end of the turn.

After you hit damage is assessed in a way similar to my beloved Crimson Skies, with a roll on a simplified grid. Different weapons do different damage on the grid. When a "lane" is filled and innards of your mech exposed, criticals come in. Here we diverge again.
In the rules you only take out a vehicle on a 9 or 10 roll on a critical. You can end up hitting the same critical spot over and over without blowing it up. We changed to hitting the same critical sot more than once blows the vehicle up. House Rule #2.
The game play was easy to pick up and fast. We played with balance, identical forces except armament. Lasers cut deep. Missiles spread the love. Infantry are tough little buggers that can take a Mech out.
I'll definitely be playing again.

Monday, December 18, 2017

"Escaping with our Skins..."

...or "Bear Country Blues".
We played the Fistful of Lead November 99¢ Mostly Monthly Scenario Thursday. The scenario involves trappers getting down the river to their waiting boat. Too bad there's a whole lotta Indians in the way! It's basically the opening of the movie "The Revenant".
I had to modify it for seven players, so the table got bigger. To win, the trappers/cowboys Really have to haul ass every turn, or group to together to blast a hole through the closing Indians.
They did neither.
Didn't have any skins, so my noise markers from the Halloween hunt had to do.
Most of the mayhem came from the Joker card. When played, it acts like an Ace, but triggers a roll on the random events chart. Stuff like downpour, or reinforcements. Right off the bat, the Bear was rolled. He mauled one of the trappers first turn.
Through sheer luck, or lack thereof, the bear appeared 3 times. The final time, killing 3 people over the course of 3 turns, including the player who "summoned" him.
The farthest the trappers got was maybe halfway. I had a Brave who killed 3 trappers with a bow, while one of my allies broke 3 bows (rolled out of ammo).
Despite the one sided affair, it was still fun. Thanks to Jon for bringing his Indians.

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Wastelands Cup

Across the blasted landscape, the roar of engines echoed. It was time again for the car clans of the No-Go to pick a new champion. Under the statue of ReTread, the tire god, the flag dropped...
 The collection (sans bikes) so far.
 The Wastelanders pull out ahead of a Agent 13, a Sanctioned Op, who somehow made it into the race.
 A late arrival hits the track (games start promptly at 6:30PM, Greg).
 Agent 13 temporarily pulls ahead.
 Two laps around the track. Shortcuts and skullduggery are encouraged.
Buzzkill Bill Hayes launches a barrage of rockets while airborne. It didn't end well for either.
Psycho Steve Simms made it both laps somewhat unharmed. He was awarded the Wastelands Cup, will get the place of honor when leading raids and bragging rights until the next race.
Once again Axles & Alloys II came through for a great game filled with crashes, near misses and untimely deaths. Everyone was inspired to build their own vehicle (someone say "Gravedigger?"). We'll be running a Mad Max style highway chase soon.